TOPSEC INVESTMENTS Ltd believes that smartness is one of the major elements that motivate a guard’s performance.

  1. The guards on duty will be   provided with security equipment such as:
  • Two pairs of uniforms replaceable in a period of one year ,
  • One pair of shoes,
  • Batons
  • Rain coats during Rainy Season
  • Whistle
  • Torches to the night guard
  • Radios
  1. Intervention Vehicles: fire rescue unit, patrol unit and quick reaction force,
  2. Motorcycles for Mobile and site supervisor
  3. Walkie Talkie Radio Handsets
  4. Mobile telephones
  5. Security log books to register all occurrences and incidents for further references.
  6. First Aid (KIT) Equipment.
  7. Mantrack
  8. Vehicles under searching mirror,
  9. Hand held metal detector
  10. Walk through metal detector
  11. Luggage scanner machine
  12. CCTV Cameras