Uniformed or plains clothes security personnel for gatehouses, office blocks or warehouses. In 24-hour contact with  our control room. Our trained security guarding to provide support in many different situations.


We secure your keys using a high security vault that holds multiple keys to which only authorized security personnel  have access. Our Key Holding service will prevent any unnecessary break-ins by the emergency services.


The high-calibre Topsec reception security personnel have excellent customer service skills that ensures a first      impression that is both efficient and professional.


The daily opening and closing of your work premises we inform you during LOCK and UNLOCK by competent      personnel to ensure maximum security.


Our experienced and professional Horizon Security Officers can offer an uniformed or undercover security officer    service depending on your specific requirements.


Fully mobile guard units to undertake internal or external inspections. All patrols are monitored by Satellite Vehicle   Tracking technology and have 24-hour support from our high-tech control room.


If your monitored alarm is triggered, a Topsec patrol officer will respond within 5 or 7 minutes to assess the    situation, secure the property, and if necessary, direct the proper authorities to the location.


Our knowledge and experience in CCTV installation and coupled with our other services ensures you that extra    peace of mind.

   Remote CCTV Monitoring

The use of CCTV to detect crime and enhance public safety has proven successful in many applications and has    received overwhelming public support. CCTV Camera Systems have become essential in areas where the security    and safety of staff, customers and assets is a concern.

CCTV systems are an effective crime deterrent, there is still a requirement to minimize the effects of any potential    treats through immediate action. A remote monitored CCTV and site management system cannot only detect  activation, but our trained analysts can act according to the information received.

   The Benefits of Remote Monitored CCTV

    •    Cost effective.
    •    Discreet yet can observe every area of the premises.
    •     Sites can be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
    •     Ability to interact, respond and control all levels of access to the site, e.g. deliveries, staff, customer inquiries.
    •    Management of remote unmanned locations reducing the need for costly or hazardous site visits.
    •     Highly skilled, trained and dedicated analysts respond to activation, and reduce the number of false police call outs.
    •     Can provide Visual Alarm Confirmation for Police response purposes.