This is a preventive electronic security system, whereby when it is installed in the premises of the client, it is electronically connected to our central control room through a transmitter.
In case of an intrusion, the transmitter sends an encoded message to the control room operator, available 24 hours a day. By use of operator radios, the nearest intervention force vehicle is instructed to rush to the scene. The maximum intervention time is 5 or 7 minutes.
We offer two types of radio alarm systems:

a. Manual system.
This system is activated manually by switching on the alarm button. It is ideal for offices, shops, and residential houses where there is constant human presence.











b. Automatic alarm system.
This system has monitors that automatically detect intruders and transmit messages to our control room for subsequent rapid response. It is ideal for after-work locked-up premises such as stores, shops, offices and warehouses.

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c. Communication.
TOPSEC provides Motorola radio hand-sets to its security guards to link them with the central control room