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Quality Installations of Access control Security Systems

Access control systems work on a simple principle: they limit access through controlled doors, gates or turnstiles to authorised personnel.

We have worked with all sizes of client and on all types of job, installing and maintaining single access control point solutions through to multi-entry role based access control systems linked to a central monitoring station at big hospitals and commercial sites. We have even linked gate access control systems for organisations spanning different continents, feeding back to a central control location.

There are three main keyless entry technologies available. These are:

  • RFID (radio frequency identification) door or gate access control, operating RFID proximity door locks, through the use of a proximity card or proximity key fobs
  •  biometric access control systems using fingerprint or retina readers
  •  Magnetic swipe cards
  • Sliding Gate Openers

In Topsec Investment Ltd We are offering a wide range of swing gate.  An aesthetic match for any architectural style. Equipped with a fast unlock device with personalized key. Strong worm shaft suitable for the most critical mounting conditions. Low maintenance costs.

       Access control Security System